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A beautiful desert wedding

Some weddings make us want to be invited to them as guests, and some m...

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Tobailem Chic
Elinor Tobailem is one of the most talented makeup artists in our dream team and already has several years of experience doing makeup for dozens of brides. She ...
Adi and Chico's Greek Wedding
Like most couples, Adi and Chico dreamed of a wedding that would be an unforgettable experience for everyone there. They wanted a wedding that ends after a few...
Danielle Yashar Photography
The Ambiance of Tuscany
You know that feeling you get when you see a picture of a beautiful wedding that makes you stop for a second? This production does just that. It took place at t...
צילום: ארתור ארונוב

Love in Jerusalem: Mor and Jonathan
If it seems to you like chic weddings in Israel are only found in Tel Aviv, we hope that after reading about Mor and Jonathan’s wedding you think differently. ...
2016's Hottest Wedding Trends
2016 is all about creating a wedding that really shows the couple’s personalities.  Nowadays, weddings also aim to please the guests and make sure they ha...
Racheli and Guy's Wedding on The Cliff
Many couples dream of a summer wedding with beautiful decorations and a breezy atmosphere, but what components really go into a summer wedding? A Friday aftern...
Reuma and Yoel 2016
Just before the holiday we wanted to introduce one of the most beautiful collections we have seen lately- a festive collection from the house of fashion brand R...
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Alternative Wedding Guestbooks
Usually, traditional guestbooks are stored away on a bookshelf after the wedding and barely ever touched after that.  Although they are nice to have, there are ...
Michal and Or's Summer Kibbutz Wedding
Summer, pools, ocean, pastels, pineapples, parties- weddings! Weddings are a cute concept, but the concept of a wedding combined with a tropical pool and lot o...
Dana and James' Magical Wedding
Dana and James live in London where James was born and raised. Dana was born in Israel but left for England as a child. The couple knew that their wedding woul...
Sivan and Yshay's Wedding at Kastiel
Sivan and Yshay met at the bar called Radio. They were sitting next to each other and started talking until Sivan had to go home. Yshay handed her a piece of pa...
Anna and Noah's Wedding in the Carmel Forest
Anna and Noah met four years ago; a few months after Anna came to London to work. After they met they never left each other’s sides. In London they took biking ...
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Ela and Anthony's Rustic Chic Wedding
What better way to end your week than with a beautiful chic wedding to inspire you? This is the intimate wedding of the stunning Ela and her partner Anthony, wh...
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Ten Unconventional Places To Get Married In Israel
Every couple wants their wedding to take place in a location that will be remembered forever.  Sometimes it is hard to find locations that accomplish this, but ...
Making Your Wedding Child Friendly
When planning a wedding, your guests’ happiness always comes to mind. But how often do people take children into consideration? During the planning process, you...