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A Backyard Wedding

A nice summer breeze, country side court yard lit with magical garlands, inviting home décor knights’ tables, a beautiful bohemian style wedding gown, bartenders wearing flannel shirts and a warm nostalgic feeling of celebration. Chen and Sagie’s wedding day really matched their style; rustic, homely, personal and touching – just the way they wanted.

Chen and Sagie got married last year at Sagie’s parents’ farm in a moshav (agricultural settlement) near Rehovot. The wedding included plenty of family history as the couple is the third generation to tie the knot in this humble, yet magical location.

The couple also chose this specific location so that their guests will feel the familial warmth and celebrate with them. They decided to choose Bebke as their wedding designer, who realized

their fantasy to have a particularly homely wedding. To give that sense of homely warmth, Bebke used a lot of home-like elements such as adding a living room and a bookcase. On top of the beautiful design, the couple managed to cut costs by using beautiful decorative items from Chen’s mother.

For additional personal touch, Chen and Sagie gathered 400 photos of family and friends from the past 20 years and made them into postcards. They divided the pictures into groups: Colleagues, friends from school, friends from the army etc. and scattered them in accordance on each table.

Obviously, they chose the most embarrassing pictures of their friends, which created a very cheerful atmosphere. These beautiful postcards were given to the guests as a souvenir to take home with them. Delightful!

Another idea that we absolutely loved was the home-made beer that was especially brewed for the event. Sagie and his friends make hand-brewed beer – they made 400 bottles with two kinds of beer with a unique branding. At the reception they built a stand whose sole purpose was to serve beer, which gave a real light beer-fest atmosphere. The bartenders wore ripped jeans and plaid flannel shirts which closed the deal on the cool rustic ambiance of it all.

To this overall casual atmosphere joined in Chen’s beautiful wedding dress by designer Anya Fleet, which was the first and last wedding dress Chen tried on. The dress was simple and delicate, yet filled with glamour and light. Chen was just the epitome of effortless beauty.

Chen dressed up at her parents’ home, together with the two mothers, three sisters (her and Sagie’s), close friends who visited throughout the day. Chen defined it perfectly as a “happy mess”. As the evening began to cool, the guests were handed snuggle blankets and during the chuppah, the guests sat on rugs and pillows which added to the familial intimacy. The chuppah ceremony was relatively long, because Chen and Sagie wanted to give it a true meaning – tell their love story and create a sense of togetherness.

At around 23:00 a bonfire was lit, with mats and cushion sits for anyone who got tired from dancing. Furthermore, for the guests to feel they could really loosen up and dance, the couple invited everybody to sleep over at Sagie’s parents after the wedding. They arranged mattresses for everyone and the morning after they served Jachnun (a Yemenite Jewish pastry) for breakfast.

To all our couples out there who are dreaming of a different wedding – Chen and Sagie’s wedding serves as the perfect example of not having to settle for what you love.

Chen and Sagie we wish you a life time of love and happiness!

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The Wedding Pros

Venue: Sagie's parents yard
Photographer: Ori Sadeh
Bridal Gown: Anya Fleet
Makeup: Adi Solomon
Hair: Adi Solomon
Planner: Bebke
Floral & Design: Bebke
Groom Attire: Polgat
number of guests: 370
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