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Choosing Your Color Palette

One of the first things almost every wedding planning checklist lists is “CHOOSE YOU WEDDING PALETTE,” or “DECIDE ON YOUR COLORS.” While some of us have already known our wedding color combinations since age 7, deciding on your colors can be as difficult as picking which flavor ice cream to get (“but they all look so delicious!!”). Here are some tips on how to choose your wedding color palette and other ideas on how to bring in that pop of color.

What To Think About When Choosing Your Palette:

  • What are your “usual” colors?  Do you have a select tone or family of colors you typically wear (Earth Tones, Jewel Tones, Pastels, etc)? Or is there a theme of color in your home? Look to these colors for inspiration. While some may love the idea of leaving their comfort zone in their wedding decor, I am a firm believer in surrounding yourself with things you love. An event as personal as a wedding should express you as a couple, including your style.
  • Work with your Space.  Very few venues besides loft spaces can pull off floral and decor in every color. If your venue has a clear dominant color (with carpeting, window treatments, furntiure, or the color of the walls) work with the color rather than against it and include it as one of the colors within your pallete. For example, a venue with a forest green carpet should be complimented with other colors that look well with forest green ike browns, beiges, and whites.
  • Creating an Emotion. How do you want your guests to feel at your wedding? Color is one of the most important aspects in creating an atmosphere and triggering emotions. Here are some of the typical emotions that are related to colors:

Red: Drama, Modern, Lush

Choosing Your Color Palette

Orange: Joy, often looks good with vintage style
Choosing Your Color Palette
Yellow: Summer, Simple, Brightness

Choosing Your Color Palette

Green: Spring, fresh, soothing
Choosing Your Color Palette

 Blue: Beach, summer, traditional
Choosing Your Color Palette

Purple: Regal and luxury

Choosing Your Color Palette

Pink: Feminine, modern (when paired with dark colors)

Choosing Your Color Palette

White/Beige: Pure, clean, and simple
Choosing Your Color Palette


Where To Put Color

Everyone loves a beautifully designed room but careful not to overkill. Here are some suggestions for pops of color around your wedding, make sure not to use ALL of them, matchy-matchy never seems to come out right!

  • Bridal Party Attire: Identical bridesmaids dresses is so 1990s! Give your bridesmaids a hue of colors to work with to find their dresses and give them each a gift with earrings or a necklace that include a hint of your color palette
  • Chair Pillows
  • Table Cloths or napkins
  • Candle Votives
  • Trays waiters use during cocktail hour
  • Your floral arrangements

Choosing Your Color Palette Choosing Your Color Palette

Combining Colors

Sometimes we know our main color but figuring out other colors to combine is the hard part. To help with that, check out The Perfect Palette where you can actually click on one color and find out different combinations it looks good with and some inspirational photos. So Cool!!!!

Choosing Your Color Palette