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Design Tips for Your Wedding

Design is one of the key elements in your wedding which will set the atmosphere and look that represents your character. More often than not, its also one of the last decisions that a couple makes when planning their wedding. Today we are hosting event designer Moran Chassid on the blog. Moran will give us and you an insight into what is the best way to approach the field of wedding design and what steps you can take to create the wedding day look that you aspire for. Thank you Moran for sharing your tips with us!

Indoor venue vs. Outdoor

The first step in planning your wedding is determining the location. Some things to take into consideration when debating the possibilities are that an indoor venue is a closed space and will usually require more design elements to create a welcoming atmosphere. Coloring is also important here, and I highly reccomend choosing white and offwhite elements for an indoor event so that the space is lighter and more romantic. For garden weddings, color is of the essence and you can play around with many combinations.

Design Tips for Your Wedding

Pink and White centerpiece by Moran Chassid

Reception Decor

The area which your guests first enter is usually the venue’s reception area. This is where they get a first impression of the atmosphere of the event. Most venues offer tall cocktail tables where guests can place their appetizers. That is why the decor on these tables should be sutble and not take up too much space. I like to add flowers or torches around the reception area (whatever the clients prefer) to liven it up and get the guests in the right atmosphere.

Design Tips for Your Wedding

Small touches are more functional on reception cocktail tables. (photo: Moran Chassid)


Table centerpieces not only determine the look of the table, but of the entire area. Flower table centerpieces are known to give a more homely and comforable feeling to the guests eating at the table. Similar to the cocktail reception tables, make sure you choose centerpieces that don’t take up too much space and that are not so tall as to interfere with the view of those sitting around the table. Another important tip: make sure the centerpiece you choose is stable will not fall over easily. There are a lot of centerpiece possibilities which are both beautiful and functional, its up to the couple to decide what they like.

Design Tips for Your Wedding Flowers create an open atmosphere (photo: Moran Chassid)

Chuppa Decor

There are mostly two kinds of chuppas: a traditional one where family members and friends hold it up and a “modern” one which stands on its own. Couples usually have a vision of which chuppa they prefer to get married under. Some things you should take into consideration before choosing your venue is how important is it for you where the Chuppa is. When looking at venues, envision where you want the Chuppa to be and make sure there is room for a path leading to it. Each venue will have its advantages and disadvantages and its up to you to make sure the venue you choose matches your vision of waliking down the aisle.

And my last and most important tip: choose your even designer not only based on their porfolio, but also on your chemistry with them. In the end you need someone who will both deliver you vision and that you have an open dialouge and good vibe with. I hope you found my tips useful and I will be happy to hear from you.

//Moran Chassid