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Our Favorite Chuppa Designs

The wedding ceremony is one of the many times the bride and groom get to be at the center of attention on their special day. Thankfully, Jewish tradition ensures all eyes are on you with the spotlight of a chuppah. This arc like structure doesn’t have too many restrictions; it just has to be opened to all four sides with a covering on top. Such few requirements really allow the couple to get creative.

We’ve selected a couple of the more original Chuppa decor ideas for the fun and artistic couples.

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Balloons for the ‘Kid at Heart’ CoupleOur Favorite Chuppa Designs

 The balloons give a fun-loving energy to both the couple and guests, creating a day that is sure to be remembered by all. Left: Veils and Vows Right: Bloved Blog  

The “Down to Earth” CoupleOur Favorite Chuppa Designs

For this one you don’t even need posts! The tree symbolizes the strong and sturdy bond a couple shares// Source: Bridal Musings

 The Book Worm Couple Our Favorite Chuppa Designs

They are literary celebrating their love//Source: Green Wedding Shoes

Doors for the Nostalgic CoupleOur Favorite Chuppa Designs

This is a rustic take on a meaningful piece in the ceremony.  The doors are symbolic of the couple entering a new chapter of their lives together //Source: Delicate Weddings

The Simple Starry Night CoupleOur Favorite Chuppa Designs

These twinkling lights are simple yet elegant, making it a perfect complement to any wedding theme. Photo: Jennifer Blair from Style Me Pretty

Quilt: The Boho CoupleOur Favorite Chuppa Designs

This flowy style is sure to emulate the couples calm, cool, and collected vibe. If your honeymoon entails frolocking in the forest and ordering your tickets for Coachella, this is the chuppah for you// Source: Bridal Snob

Pinwheels: The Go With The Flow CoupleOur Favorite Chuppa Designs

See the colors of the wind with this beautiful take on pinwheels//Photo: Omer Bar

Mason Jars: The Modern Hipster CoupleOur Favorite Chuppa Designs

It’s raining mason jars with this fun and new take on hanging floral arrangements. What is better than mason jars?, flowers in mason jars!

Photos left to right: Destination Wedding//Martha Stewart

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