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Hatunot Giveaway

We have a winner for this Hatunot Giveaway activity. It was very interesting to read about what is the one item you can’t live without, but one comment shone above the rest. Shai wrote that he can’t live without his soon to be wife, and that he would like nothing more than to surprise her with this gift. So.. mazal tov Shai! We’ve picked you as the winner of this Hatunot Giveaway. We’re sure your fiance will be thrilled. 

Stay tuned for another great hatunot giveaway, coming up soon 🙂

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  1. Y'shira

    Of course you should always have the right blend of classic and trendy pieces, but for me it’s my vintage gold bangles that I couldn’t do without! Given to me by my grandmother, my bangles are my must-have for any outfit.

  2. vanessa

    I can’t live without my wristwatch

  3. Kristina

    Gold earrings – a gift from my grammy. I never take them out as these are the only ones I can wear for a long time.
    The set of the jewelry in this giveaway would be a wonderful gift to my wedding 15 of May 2013 🙂

  4. jules

    my engagement ring!!!!!!!

  5. Amy

    I agree with Dana. Can’t live without earrings!

  6. Dana

    Earrings from Nachalat Binyamin in Tel Aviv