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Hatunot Giveaway

A new Hatunot Giveaway is starting today and this time we’ve paired up with Shlomit Ofir from Shlomit Ofir Designs to give one of our lucky readers a necklace and earrings set of their choice, for free! The timing couldn’t be better because Shlomit recently launched her new “Colores” collection which we adore.

For a chance to score your wedding day jewelry without the price tag, tell us in the comments of the post what is the one item you must have with you on your wedding day.

The winner of the competition will be chosen from the comments in this post and the post on the Hebrew version on the blog and will be announced next Tuesday, May 28th. In the meantime we invite you to a taste from Shlomit’s latest collection, and an inside look into the inspiration that lies behind it. Shlomit will also be getting married very soon, so feel free to throw in a Mazal Tov!

Hatunot Giveaway Hatunot Giveaway

What was your inspiration for the latest collection?

“My latest collection is called ‘colores’, meaning ‘colors’ in Spanish. The inspiration for it comes from the different cultures and customs of Mexico and South America. As a child, I lived in Mexico while my parents were sent there for work and since then I’ve taken advantage of every opportunity I had to go back to central and South America. I’ve traveled around the world but the artisan crafts in that area are in my view the most beautiful I’ve seen. The new collection integrates my signature style with touches from Mayan and Mexican folklore using beads and colorful strings woven throughout the pieces.” 

Hatunot Giveaway Hatunot Giveaway Hatunot Giveaway

You have been also designing a Bridal Jewelry Line for quite some time. Does the fact that you will soon be getting married impact your designs?

“Every season I dedicate one series from my collection to brides. I give the designs a lot of thought and am always very excited to see brides wearing my jewelry on their wedding day. This year the excitement was heightened because I could imagine myself wearing the new designs at my own wedding. I don’t think it influenced the designs but this collection was definitely done with a lot more excitement than usual. I haven’t decided which of my designs I will wear at my wedding, I’ll share my choice with you after the event…”

Hatunot Giveaway Hatunot Giveaway Hatunot Giveaway Hatunot Giveaway Hatunot Giveaway Hatunot Giveaway Hatunot Giveaway Hatunot Giveaway Hatunot Giveaway


  1. Ellie Solimani

    Love the pattern bracelets. I like unique jewelry pieces with a lot of personality. The colors catch my eye and invite others to ask “where did you get those?!”. Any jewelry piece that can start conversation is a must have.

  2. Yshira

    The one ‘thing’ that I must have with me on my wedding day is my mom! The impact of what my mother modeled, taught and lived her life by is responsible for who I am as a person today. She is as excited about my upcoming nuptials as I am and she is the one person that I can talk ‘wedding’ to 24/7 without her ever getting bored! If I won, I would love to share this gift with her.

  3. alona

    love the hair pieces!

  4. Rachel

    The pink flower earrings are stunning! They are delicate, classic, but still hip and would go perfectly with my short summery and wedding dress!

  5. Niv

    These are very stunning! But what I defenitely need to have at my wedding is very simple.. The only one I love, my future hub!!! He is the most amazing and valuable person.. We do everything together. By that I mean, how many guys sit n wait for their girl at the hairdresser while getting extensions or a meni and a padi? He doesn’t even complain!!! He’s the only thing I need at my wedding

  6. Tammy

    It’s hard to choose which I like best because they’re all so beautiful! I think I would have to choose the chain-mail “V” necklace because it sits so nicely on the model.