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Hatunot Giveaway

We know how upsetting it can be when someone close to you is unable to attend your wedding, luckily nowadays technology has made it easier to share your special moments with your loved ones live – even if they are an ocean away.

That is why for our new Hatunot giveaway we have teamed up with ChaiStream. ChaiStream provides a high quality non-infrastructure dependent streaming video service for your wedding, allow guests from anywhere in the world to watch your event live online on a customized website created just for you.

To enter our giveaway tell us in the comment section of this post why you would love to have your wedding broadcast live and your wedding date.

Good Luck!

Hatunot Giveaway

Photo: Jeremiah and Rachel Photography

Hatunot Giveaway

Contest Terms:

* one comment per reader

* you must write your wedding date in the comment

* the contest will end Thursday, July 31

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  1. Sarah

    Our wedding in the states is on April 19th, 2014.

    I am from Texas and my fiance is from Kibbutz Hulda. We are getting married in both Texas and Israel. Unfortunately on both occasions some of our closest family will not be able to attend. From our grandmothers who are to old to travel to best friends to young to afford a trip across the world. We are trying our hardest to celebrate with everyone as much as possible and this would only make our day ever more special!

  2. Yael

    Our wedding is very soon– 8/8! We would love to be able to live stream our wedding because I have so many friends from all over the world– from Colombia to Kyrgyzstan to India to Australia to everywhere in between–who are unfortunately unable to attend our wedding. Since we live in the United States but both have family/are from Israel, it made more sense to do the wedding in Israel. But, we would love to share our special day with all of our global friends!

  3. Tarryn

    I made Aaliyah 6 years ago and am getting married on Oct 2. I asked my grandmother to walk down the aisle with my sister (to a song from my grandfather’s old band – he passed away) but she applied for citizenship in the UK and she hasnt got her passport back so she wont be able to come 🙁 I don’t want to get married without her there but after everything is already paid for I have to. If I could have this she could still be a big part of my wedding.

  4. Kaie Bird

    We are having our wedding this upcoming October 1st here in Israel and just started planning it all out now. My partner’s family is from here and we’ve invited tons of them to attend our special day! We cannot wait for it! Although most of my family is across the pond and because of this fact, many of those family members won’t be able to attend our wedding here. This kind of tears at my heartstrings, as I always thought they would be apart of my big day as a child. (You never really think of them not being able to attend, when you plan your big day as a young girl.) Although my mom and my best friend are making the long trek to Israel for my big day, they are about the only two I could manage myself to ask to attend the wedding- as I know how expensive it would be for them and how much time it would take from their jobs and lives at home.
    Thus, we are currently trying our best to problem solve how to still “invite” my family to the wedding and have their presence be felt while they are some 10,000 plus miles away.
    This giveaway is coming at the perfect time for us, as I haven’t really solved this matter myself yet. It would be an absolute blessing to have them witness it or be able to view it when they can from their home, in their PJS. Haha. I am most upset that my Grandmother cannot come, as she will be one of the most missed faces I’ll search for and won’t find during that special day I love her dearly and would love for her to somehow see one of the most important times in my life thus far.
    I would love for all of my family, no able to attend, to share in some real and large part, this wedding with us and feel included. This would be a wonderful gift, if we were to win. We would appreciate it for many years to come and our family, and friends, across the pond would as well.
    Thank you for considering us!

    • Kaie Bird

      So… did this contest have a winner? I didn’t see anything about someone winning.

  5. Yoni

    This is such a great idea! My ex has been stalking me for years , I want to send her a link to my streaming so finally she will get the hint!!!