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How To Swing an Autumn Wedding in Israel

Brides in Israel face an inevitable challenge this time of year, as everyone knows it is practically impossible to come across an autumn wedding and not bust out your spirit fingers, save every single picture on your computer and salivate over the hearty, succulent details. While autumn provides a bounty of wedding inspiration, it can be understandably difficult to envision pumpkins plopped along the beach in Tel Aviv. What’s a bride to do? You already know you prefer the dramatic shades of September and October to those springy pastels, and think a pie buffet is way more you than a frilly wedding cake. But it’s hard to get in the autumn spirit with waves of the Mediterranean slapping on your doorstep. While we can’t wave a magic wand to turn that palm tree into a blazing autumn oak (as much as we wish we could), we can serve up a few tips to make your Israel wedding a little more fall and a little less falafel:

  • Consider hosting your wedding in places like Jerusalem or the north, both of which experience more of the seasonal weather akin to North America. Sure, neither may be quite the same Vermont, but your pumpkin decorations will feel much more at home than in Tel Aviv
  • Plan your wedding for October or November. This may seem fairly obvious, but when a fall wedding seems impossible due to location, it’s understandable to skip the season altogether. However, like you, your fellow Anglos are most likely envying their relatives in Canada or the U S of A who are sitting down for turkey dinner or dolling out Halloween candy. Why not join in the fun by importing your favorite season to Israel? You hardly need a better excuse than your wedding, and your guests will really have something to rave about.3. Use strategic lighting to emulate autumn colors. Venues like Baya’ar, work with one of the country’s top lighting designers, Micha Margalit of Danor. Couples at Baya’ar are able to customize their own lighting design which is executed by a lighting technician during the event. Baya’ar also has a great “woodsy” atmosphere, perfect for a fall-themed wedding in Israel

How To Swing an Autumn Wedding in Israel

  • Isn’t the food why you love fall so much in the first place? Instead of serving the usual chicken supreme and vegetable bundle, work with your caterer to create an autumnal wedding feast. Roasted turkey with stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy and cranberry sauce are old-timey favourites among autumn enthusiasts, as well as other classic comfort foods like corn bread, vegetable stews and chicken pot pie. For dessert, your options are endless, ranging from apple cake to caramel apples and every flavour pie. Browse Epicurious.com or MarthaStewart.com for fall-themed recipes, which can be printed and shared with your caterer. If they can’t replicate a particular dish, they should be to come up with something similar. Remember, Israel has beautiful produce.
How To Swing an Autumn Wedding in Israel
By Rachel Cravit