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Intimate Weddings in Israel

Israel has been known to be a great destination wedding location for many reasons. Any couple can hold here the wedding of their dream whether it’s a beach wedding, a backyard wedding party or an intimate ceremony with just close friends and family.

Getting married in an intimate and warm atmosphere with a small number of guests can happen not only at a wedding venue, but also at unique and surprising locations. Finding these hidden and intimate gems is only one of the many privileges you have when you decide to have a small wedding. An intimate wedding can produce the ‘wow factor’ over your guests who will be surprised when they arrive at the unique location while the couple will enjoy a special and warm experience that is tailored to their style and needs. 

From an urban rooftop wedding to a nostalgic courtyard hidden inside Jaffa’s alleys, we have selected a variety of unique and magical locations in Israel for an intimate celebration of love:

***Intimate Weddings in Israel

Amirey-Hagalil Hotel

Location: Just a few minutes away from Amirim, overlooking the stunning views of the Galilee and Arbel Cliff, you can find the beautiful boutique hotel of Amirey Hagalil. A couple who wishes to get married in a country setting with the comfort of having the hotel’s facilities could rent all of hotel’s 17 rooms to spend a 24 hour wedding celebration with their family and friends. The hotel’s space and garden is available entirely for the wedding party.

The place is Kosher and is open all year around.

Max. Number of guests: Up to 250 guests.

Contact: Amirey HagalilIntimate Weddings in Israel

Amirey Hagalil//Photography: Tali & Dvora

Intimate Weddings in Israel

A Country Chuppa Ceremony

Bet Fine (Fine House)

Location: In the heart of the Templar colony of Bethlehem of Galilee, you will find Bet Fine a magical and gorgeous home for events with a blue door and a beautiful courtyard . The Templar structure exists since 1906 and offers a fine dining experience with a relaxed- country atmosphere like in the Provence.

The kitchen is Kosher and offers a true culinary experience

The house for events operates all year around.

Max. Number of guests: up to 280 guests in the courtyard during the summer. Up to 90 guests inside the house and up to 160 in the courtyard with a roofed tent during the winter.

Contact: Bet Fine

Intimate Weddings in Israel Intimate Weddings in Israel Intimate Weddings in Israel

Fine dining in a country setting. Bet Fine.

***Intimate Weddings in Israel

Tailor Made

Location: Tailor Made Restaurant is like a secret garden located in the busy street of Allenby. Lying in a historic meeting point where it once served as a courthouse during the British Mandate, the court yard is now a mix of the old and the new combined with nostalgia and a hip atmosphere. You can decide to have the Chuppa ceremony at the Great Synagogue located on the other side of the road.

The catering doesn’t hold a Kosher certificate, however you can bring an external catering and the Tailor Made chef will accompany them during the preparations and the event itself and will ensure that Tailor Made’s culinary line is present.

Open for all seasons: The backyard is roofed and the indoor is air-conditioned.

Max. Number of guests: 220 guests

Contact: Tailor MadeIntimate Weddings in Israel

A secret garden in Allenby. 

Intimate Weddings in Israel

So much character. Tailor Made

Sura Mara

Location: In a surprising location at the heart of Tel Aviv, Sura Mara, an urban culinary bar, is situated on a breathtaking rooftop facing the Tel Aviv skyline. The metropolitan space is at the top of an office building and is full of chic and style. It is suitable for a cocktail event. The atmosphere is casual, young, sophisticated but light.   

The place is not Kosher.

Max. Number of guests: 150 guests

Contact: Sura MaraIntimate Weddings in Israel

Tel Aviv’s Skyline as your backdrop// Photography: Eyal Gaziel

Intimate Weddings in Israel

Sura Mara//Photography: Eyal Gaziel

Shamayim Ve Yam (the sky & the sea)

Location: Situated on the beach between Tel Aviv and Jaffa facing the sunset, Shamayim Ve Yam offers a casual setting with a romantic feel for an intimate wedding by the sea.

The place is Kosher and is open all year around.

Max. Number of guests: Up to 220 guests.

Contact: Shamayim Ve YamIntimate Weddings in Israel

A sea front event// Photography: Set Production

Intimate Weddings in Israel

A casual wedding// Photography: Set Production

Mazal Talle

Location: Mazal Talle, a renowned caterer in Israel for almost 20 years, has opened a house for boutique events in the heart of Tel Aviv. The Bauhaus building was renovated and preserved and offers an exclusive event package. The place is divided into several hospitality spaces with an impressive interior design and a magical garden.

The place is Kosher (Meat menu only).  

Open for all seasons, including Friday noon and Saturday evening.

Max. Number of guests: Up to 100 guests at a cocktail event.

Contact: Mazal TalleIntimate Weddings in Israel

A Beautiful Bauhaus Building

Intimate Weddings in Israel

A warm and homely garden – Mazal Talle

Claro – Lemata

Location: Located in a large and restored Templar building, “Lemata” is an event space located inside of Claro restaurant. The complex is situated at the renovated Sarona Market area and is divided into two 150 years old intimate spaces carved in limestone. In one space you can gave your reception with an open kitchen and the other one is a young and hip lounge bar. The place offers a unique atmosphere with a lot of history and a warm feel.

Open for all seasons and every day of the week.

Max. Number of guests: Up to 90 guests seating and up to 200 guests at a cocktail event.

Contact: Claro – LemataIntimate Weddings in Israel

In the center of Sarona Market//Photography: Eran Be’eri

Intimate Weddings in Israel

The Lounge area//Photography: Eran Be’eri

Heder Prati (Private Room)

Location: The urban Tel Aviv loft which spreads over 180 meters and is located in the famous Panorama House, offers a luxurious hosting experience starting from the open space which is designed in a modern-eclectic manner through the huge balcony which offers a breathtaking view and the fine food and wine. The place is suitable for boutique events such as cocktail parties, private dinners, intimate weddings and more. 

The food is kosher but the place is open on the weekends. 

Max. Number of guests: up to 150 guests. 

Contact: Heder Prati

Intimate Weddings in Israel

an urban space with eclectic design

Intimate Weddings in Israel

spectacular city views

Intimate Weddings in Israel

Fine dining, Heder Prati. Photography: Gal Plotny


Location: Located on Lilienblum Street – one of Tel Aviv’s hippest spots, Nanuchka holds a distinctive atmosphere and offers an entirely vegan-Georgian menu. The design is full of character which creates a lively energy with antique flooring, unique lighting, authentic touches and many art pieces that are scattered around the restaurant. The place offers a few different spaces: a classic sitting area, a magical garden, a romantic patio and a gallery with its own private bar.

The restaurant is not Kosher, however it is 100% vegan.

Max. Number of guests: up to 250 guests. 

Contact: NanuchkaIntimate Weddings in Israel

 A colorful event at Nanuchka// Photo: Liron Erel

Jaffa Theatre

Location: In the heart of the old city of Jaffa in a structure from 1821, you can find Jaffa Theater. Its look and feel is established by the Ottoman spirit that prevailed in the country. The place has three areas: the courtyard, the dining area and the party space.

The place is Kosher.

Open for all seasons and every day of the week.

Max. Number of guests: Up to 120 guests.

Contact: Jaffa TheatreIntimate Weddings in Israel

Jaffa Theatre


Location: The beautiful complex is centrally located in the Greek market in Jaffa (the Flea market of today) in an Ottoman building of 280 years that was recently renovated and turned into a compound for boutique events. The place is designed with authentic touches and an eclectic furniture collection. There are a number of different spaces which can be tailored and designed according to your style and preference.

There is an option to rent the space separately and bring in a kosher caterer, or renting the place with the in-house catering.

Open for all seasons and every day of the week.

Max. Number of guests: Up to 300 guests.

Contact: NoorIntimate Weddings in Israel

Eclectic furniture

Intimate Weddings in Israel

A 280 year old building, one of the spaces at Noor

***Intimate Weddings in Israel

Rama’s Kitchen

Location: Rama’s Kitchen is a unique restaurant located on the hills of Nataf with spectacular views over the Judean Hills. The restaurant is set in the owner’s garden ad serves an elite menu that is based on fresh local ingredients and organic products. The restaurant’s rustic design blends perfectly with the natural setting.  

The kitchen is not Kosher, however it’s possible to bring an external Kosher caterer.

The restaurant is open weekly and all year around.

Max. Number of guests: Up to 180 guests.

Contact: Rama’s KitchenIntimate Weddings in Israel

A culinary gem on the top of a hill/ Photo: Yael Ilan

The Khan – Event Gallery in Jerusalem

Location: The Khan – Event Gallery in Jerusalem is one of the oldest and most recognized cultural institutions in Israel. It is located in a historic building from the 19th century which was restored, with an authentic Jerusalem courtyard, olive and Mulberry trees and arches that are surrounding the place. On the second floor you can find a gallery and a balcony overlooking the patio where weddings can be held.

The place is Kosher.

The Khan Courtyard is open from April to October and the Gallery is open all year around.

Max. Number of guests: Up to 250 guests seating.

Contact: The KhanIntimate Weddings in Israel

A historic backyard//Photography: Ravit Turkiya

Intimate Weddings in Israel

The Khan//Photography: Ravit Turkiya

David Cetadel Hotel

Location: In a prime and luxurious location just across from Mamilla Avenue Jerusalem and overlooking the Old City, the historical Tower of David and Jaffa Gate. The different wedding halls at the David Cetadel Hotel have been renovated and own an authentic Jerusalem character with state of the art facilities. You can choose to get ready at the hotel’s Spa and Salon for your convenience.

The hotel’s caterer is Kosher and weddings can be held all year around (depends on the banquet room).

Max. Number of guests: Events at the terrace can hold up to 200 guests and at the pool up to 250 guests (background music only)

Contact: David Cetadel HotelIntimate Weddings in Israel

It doesn’t get more beautiful than this.

Intimate Weddings in Israel

A wedding at the David Cetadel Hotel

Mamilla Hotel Rooftop

Location: In a majestic historical setting in the heart of Jerusalem with the Old City walls as your backdrop, the Mamilla Hotel offers world-class hospitality and exceptional facilities. The hotel’s contemporary design together with its memorable and impressive location, offers an amazing opportunity for couples from Israel and from abroad to hold the wedding of their dreams.

The hotel’s caterer is Kosher and weddings can be held all year around.

Max. Number of guests: 150 guests at the rooftop

Contact: Mamilla Hotel Intimate Weddings in Israel

The Old City Walls as your ceremony backdrop

Intimate Weddings in Israel

Spectacular views from the rooftop

The Jerusalem Botanical Gardens

Location: The Botanical Gardens are a natural gem in the heart of Jerusalem. The 120 acre gardens display the largest collection of living plants in Israel with spectacular blossoms all year round. Events at the Botanical Gardens can be held at multiple locations depending on the nature and size of your event. You can combine retro train tour on-site that takes the guests around the garden.

The place is Kosher.

The Khan Courtyard is open from April to October and the Gallery is open all year around.

Max. Number of guests: Up to 250 guests seating.

Contact: The Jerusalem Botanical GardensIntimate Weddings in Israel

Nature in the heart of Jerusalem – The Botanical Gardens

The Scottish Hotel

Location: In a historic building at the top of a Hill sits the Scottish Hotel. The hotel used to serve as the residence of the British Mandate headquarters. The hotel overlooks the walls of the Old City and the Judean Desert on one hand and Yemin Moshe, the windmill and the King David Hotel on the other side. There are different events areas on site: A balcony with panoramic views, an elegant English garden and the historical Allenby room for winter events. Celebrating a wedding at the hotel is subject to renting all the hotel’s rooms for the guests (20 rooms in total).

The place is Kosher.

The place is open from the end of May till the end of October.

Max. Number of guests: Up to 250 guests seating.

Contact: The Scottish HotelIntimate Weddings in Israel

Dining in front of the Old City

Intimate Weddings in Israel

Photography: Aviad Tevel

***Intimate Weddings in Israel

 Khan Mirdafim

Location: The ecological and magical Khan is located between the Dead Sea and Jerusalem. The Khan offers a traditional desert hospitality with endless views of the Judean desert and serenity. On site you will find all the facilities you need to host a bohemian wedding as well as different sleeping arrangements.

The site offers a Kosher caterer as well as a Vegan menu.

Max. Number of guests: Up to 100 guests.

Contact: Khan Mirdafim Intimate Weddings in Israel

An authentic desert experience. 

Intimate Weddings in Israel

Peaceful and deserted. Khan Hamirdafim

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