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Israel’s best beach wedding spots

Getting married in Israel has a significant meaning for many Jewish couples from abroad that are not only looking for a spiritual experience but also for having countless and accessible venue options.

Israel has so much to offer when it comes to weddings, from professional vendors to perfect weather to a variety of natural landscapes, however there is no doubt that its best assets are its beaches!

Whether you dream of an intimate ceremony on the beach with the sand beneath your feet or whether you picture a big party where you overlook the Mediterranean – we have it all. From the North to the South of Israel, we have selected our favorite venues that are right on the beach or overlook the gorgeous sea and the top secret beach spots that will provide you with an unforgettable wedding experience.

So grab your sunscreen in one hand and a Margarita in the other and surf into Israel’s most beautiful coastline locations.


Nahariya: On the tip of the northernmost coastal city in Israel lies the the touristy city of Nahariya with 2 public beaches – Galei Galil and Sokolov beach as well as a waterfront promenade with beachfront bars and cafes. Should you wish to head north for a private ceremony on the one of Nahariya’s beaches, you would need the municipality’s approval and a wedding planner to help you set the place up. The lovely couple below held their intimate wedding ceremony on the beach and the wedding later continued at the groom’s parents’ Villa in Nahariya. 

Israel's best beach wedding spotsAn intimate wedding ceremony on the beach in Nahariya //Photo: Chris Sommers//  Katie & Eran’s Wedding

Sea Of Galilee: We can’t think of anything more romantic than getting married as the sun sets with the Kineret in the background. The Green Beach is uniquely located on the edge of the Sea of Galilee with a secluded and exotic beach. The venue is opened for events from the end of April to the end of October and is designed for 100-550 people. 

Israel's best beach wedding spots

Photo: Eerz Bit

Israel's best beach wedding spots

Photo: Lior & Hadas

Haifa: Haifa,the third largest city in Israel offers picturesque views from any point in the city from the urban landscape to the breathtaking sea view. Yama, located on the seaside will provide you with coastal experience in a contemporary touch – a transparent space with an open deck overlooking the sea where you can have the reception. The venue fits for up to 550 guests and is active all year around as it has roofing. It’s adjacent to Leonardo Hotel, where you and your guests can conveniently spend the night.

Israel's best beach wedding spots

Photo: Vanil Photography

Atlit: Just 10 minutes south of Haifa lies the coastal town of Atlit and there you can find Shonit, a beautiful place for events by the sea.  Shonit also has it’s own private beach and an adjacent water park. The place can fill from 100-1,000 guests and is opened during the warm season from May to October. There are also many boutique hotels in the area for getting ready on the big day or for your guests to spend the night. 

Israel's best beach wedding spots

Israel's best beach wedding spots

 Photo: Liron Erel//Or & Omer’s colorful wedding


Caesarea: Who doesn’t love Caesarea? just 40 minutes north of Tel Aviv one will find all kinds of beautiful sights – from the ancient ruins to the beautiful bay. Caesarea offers a variety of venues which provide you with the ultimate romantic wedding experience. The two venues below are a perfect fit for big wedding parties. Al Hayam overlooks a beautiful natural bay and is adjacent to the ancient city. It’s located inside Kibbutz Sdot Yam and is active during the summer months (May-October) for up to 600 guests. Kochav Hayam is a 5 acres venue that spreads into a wide beach stretch set with natural reefs. The venue is active all year around as you can decide whether to use the interior, the exterior or integrate both according to your wishes and the weather.

Israel's best beach wedding spots Israel's best beach wedding spots

Venue: Al Hayam// Photography: Jason Gold

Israel's best beach wedding spotsVenue: Kochav Hayam// Photography: John Edgar//Design: Chris Weys Decoration & Desgin// Shelly&Jared Wedding

Kesar Yam in Caesarea is located at the Caesarea National Park. The guests can enjoy a short walk along the old city walls and enjoy the natural scenery of the Mediterranean Sea. The venue is suitable for up to 320 guests and the wedding can be held both during the summer and winter.

Israel's best beach wedding spots

Netanya: The beaches of Netanya, the city in the Northern Central District in Israel, strech over 14km of white sand. One of its most famous beaches is Poleg which is easily accessible, organized and is very lively. Bamboo Village, located on the beach in Poleg offers a panoramic view of the sea in a chilled atmosphere. The venue can host up to 400 people and is active from April to October, depends on the weather which should not be a problem as they have an indoor roofed option. It’s perfect for a relaxed Friday event.

Israel's best beach wedding spots

This lovely and colorful couple held their ceremony on the sands of Poleg and later moved to Poleg beach’s Bamboo Village. Photography: Alexey Kudrik// Design: Beccy Blue Marmalade

Herzliya: As we head to the fun city of Herzliya we can find a variety of different venue options from a fancy hotel to a gorgeous two-story venue with breathtaking views of the sea. Duplex offers just that as it’s perfectly located on Herzliya Pituach’s main promenade. A two-story complex with a dinner room and a roof facing the amazing views of the ocean. The venue is opened for events all year around and can fit up to 300 guests. 

Israel's best beach wedding spots

A luxurious sea view experience at Duplex

Cassiopeia is situated right on the banks of the Herzliya marina. It has a terrace overlooking the ocean and its glass-made walls allow watching the star-studded skies. It can be easily accessed as it is located near the Coastal Highway which creates. The venue can entertain up to 500 guests and is active all year around; when the weather allows, you can have your reception and ceremony on the deck outside, and in the winter time the entire event will take place indoors. Cassiopeia’s culinary mark is the South American food style which they dominate. 

Israel's best beach wedding spots

A South American feast at Cassiopeia

Sharon Hotel features an indoor and outdoor functions around the pool and the garden with amazing sea views. The venue can fit up to 500 guests indoor and up to 1000 people outside around the pool. It offers a variety of cuisines and decorations per requirement.

Israel's best beach wedding spots

 Photo: Yifat Yogev-Dadon// Event Planner: Imagine Events// Crystal & Eran’s Wedding

Tel Aviv: So many things have been written about Tel Aviv, that it’s a vibrant city that never sleeps, that it’s got the best restaurants in the world and of course it’s got the best beaches. Jaffa is an inseparable part of the Tel Aviv scene and it’s a magical place on it’s own – the cultural mix, the old city and the sea view. Bait Al Hayam is a modern two-story venue with stunning views over the Mediterranean sea from it’s rooftop terrace where you can have your Chuppa ceremony. Bait Al Hayam can entertain up to 450 guests seated at the main hall and the roof can provide additional seating arrangement. A cocktail event can host up to 650 guests. The venue is active in the winter as well as the roof is walled with clear glass which maintains the outdoorsy feeling.t 

Israel's best beach wedding spots

Photography: Eyal Gaziel

As we’ve mentioned before, Jaffa has become a big player in the wedding scene when it comes to venue locations and as small as it may be it offers a variet of places. Derech Hayam, situated above the beautiful coast line of ancient Jaffa,offers a magical Mediterranean atmosphere. Its kitchen can hold all kinds of gastronomic experiences: Greek festivity, Israeli cuisine and authentic food. 

Israel's best beach wedding spots

A Greek celebration in Jaffa – Derech Hayam

Another great way to experience a sea side wedding in Tel Aviv is the famous Gordon Beach. Gordon Beach was even declared as one of the ten best urban beaches in the world. Gordo is a little getaway from the city in the middle of where it’s all happening. It’s great for small weddings and can fit up to 350 people.It’s opened all year around. 

Israel's best beach wedding spots

In the heart of Tel Aviv – Gordo 

Trask, situated in a prime location of the busy Tel Aviv port offers breathtaking sea views from its new rooftop floor. It’s a modern and an impressive space of 1200 square meters which can fit up to 900 people seated around tables and up to 1,900 guests in a cocktail event. It also has an adjacent parking lot. 

Israel's best beach wedding spots

The sky and the ocean meet at Trask

Bat Yam: Sealine, an impressive venue with a prime location at the beautiful Bat Yam coastline, just a short drive south of Tel Aviv. The venue can host up to 550 guests and is active during the summer months between May to October. It has everything you need for a perfect seaside event – modern and sophisticated furniture, a wide deck, and a groomed lawn.The Sealine works with top vendrs such as Shelef Catering who will master the menu and Energy Concept that will impeccably take care of the bar service. 

Israel's best beach wedding spots

Top qulaity event by the sea – Sealine


Palmachim Beach: Our couple below held an intimate and cozy wedding at Palmachim Beach, a natural shoreline in the Southern Coastal Plain. This wedding was so intimate that the couple’s friends sang their entrance song and each guest brought their own favorite dish. After a long night of partying, some guests spent the night at the beach. If you wish to check out Palmachim as a spot for your wedding ceremony, you would need the municipality’s approval and the help of an event planner to help you set the place up from scratch.

Israel's best beach wedding spots

 Photography, design and event planning: Beccy Blue Marmalade

Nitzanim Beach: located about mid-way between Ashdod and Ashkelon, Nitzanim beach has become a popular spot for celebrity weddings as well as intimate ceremonies for couples. Our awesome couple got engaged in India and wanted to continue with that concept at their wedding in Israel. They created, with the help of a wedding planner, a lush Indian themed atmosphere filled with details and elements from the stunning Chuppa to the colorful sun umbrellas. Should you wish to tie the knot on a secluded spot on Nitzanim beach you would need the relevant approvals from the municipality and you would need the help of an event planning team. 

Israel's best beach wedding spots Israel's best beach wedding spots

Photography: Haim Afriat// Design: Elki Jacobs//Didi & Ori’s Wedding

Eilat: If you’re all about mixing pleasure and relaxation during your wedding celebrations, you can always head south to Eilat and have an ongoing wedding party as the guests can be accommodated at one of the many resorts in the city on the shores of the Red Sea. A glamorous way to go is at the Orchid Hotel where they have 4 villas, 2 of them facing the ocean with a huge lawn area for sitting up to 300 people. Or a private beach which can be custom made for your own needs and dreams. 

Israel's best beach wedding spots

 Stunning Villa Royal compound at the Orchid Hotel in Eilat

Israel's best beach wedding spots

The Red Sea and the Eilat Mountains are your background at Yan’s beach