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Rozin & Amnon at Kibbutz Hatzerim

Rozin and Amnon met through their studies and love quickly flourished between them. The two live in Kibbutz Hatzerim (8 km south of Beer Sheva) which is also known for its nearby airforce base. Rozin and Amnon wanted to keep their wedding close to home and therefore decided to get married at the kibbutz. Rozin tells us that she really wanted a summery colorful wedding and thanks to her fellow Kibbutz mates who did all the floral arrangements and the pink cotton candy bar at her wedding her vision came true. We love the unique pre-wedding photographs shot by Ilan Mor at the Israeli Airforce museum in the Kibbutz and Rozin’s gorgeous Inbal Dror Gown. Enjoy these beautiful pics by photographer Ilan Mor we hope they liftoff your day.

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