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Making Your Chuppah Unique

Perhaps the most important part of your entire wedding day, the chuppa ceremony is the moment all the planning and celebrating are based upon. The four post canopy surrounding the bride and groom and their closest family members is the base of any Jewish wedding, and putting some thought into how you want your chuppa to look and feel like is just as important as deciding who will design your bridal gown and which guests to invite. We’ve put together a few tips that will help you create a chuppah that will be unique to you:

Choose a unique ceremony location 

A beautiful chuppah doesn’t have to be because of the way the chuppah itself is decorated, but because of its surroundings.  Choosing a venue or wedding location with a scenic view, in the woods, or inside or lush garden will have your chuppah ceremony appearing right out of a fairy tale.

Making Your Chuppah Unique

Making Your Chuppah UniqueChuppa at Psagot Winery

Add your own DIY elements

Streamers, pompoms, special fabrics, and paper flowers are all great ways to decorate a chuppah and make it uniquely yours. Besides knowing that you put your own touch into the most important part of your day, adding DIY elements will add a nice twist to your chuppah and can also be used as a theme throughout the wedding – from the invitations to the party favors.

Making Your Chuppah UniqueMaking Your Chuppah Unique

Making Your Chuppah Unique


Incorporate a family heirloom

Rather than using the chuppah fabric that the designer or venue give you, consider using one that has a special family value to you. It can be anything from a talit belonging to your grandfather to a quilt your grandmother made. There is no doubt, saying your vows under a fabric that has been in your family for generations can make your moment extra meaningful.

Making Your Chuppah Unique

Chris Sommers Photo

Create your own heirloom

Don’t have any family heirlooms? Why not create your own? Chuppahs can be handpainted, quilted, and custom made so that they can not only beautify your wedding ceremony but last for the weddings of future generations to come.

Making Your Chuppah Unique

Chuppah painted by Paula Benveniste  Photo: Alexey Kudrik

Go Floral 

If DIY and heirlooms aren’t your thing, the best alternative is always floral. Choose a flower that you especially love and has meaning for you and then leave it to your designer to integrate it into your chuppah design.

Making Your Chuppah UniqueZer4U Events

Making Your Chuppah Unique

Making Your Chuppah Unique