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Recycle Your Wedding

From wedding gowns to floral decor, so much money and effort is put into weddings that it always feels like such a shame to only use everything once and often dispose of these items post-wedding day. As time progresses the world of business and industry is becoming more and more green, finding new ways to recycle our everyday items or pass them on to the next user, so why can’t those same concepts work for weddings too?  Here are some of our ideas on ways you can recycle and reuse YOUR wedding and feel a LITTLE less guilty for buying all that stuff that was way out of your budget!

Instead of printing out tons of information, create a Wedding Website. Your wedding website can be the go-to portal for your guests for directions to the wedding (instead of printing a hundred maps) a place where they can pay with Pay Pal instead of writing a check and a wonderful green solution for planning your wedding. Companies like WIX make it free, easy and a breeze to create a wedding site in no time. 

Recycle Your Wedding


Recycle your WEDDING DRESS- The only bad part about a gorgeous wedding dress is that we only get to wear it once. While some brides love the new trend of “trash the dress” in which they take creative photographs of themselves ruining their perfectly white wedding gowns, brides who prefer to make better use of their barely used gowns may opt to sell your gown online on websites like ebay, recycledbride  or skip the cash and give your gown to charities like Hachnasat Kallah  and Adopt-a-Wedding.

Recycle Your Wedding

Monique Lhullier on Oncewed.com for under $2,000

Recycle your GUEST BOOK- The whole point of having a guest book is so friends and family can sign they were at your wedding day for you to remember for years to come. With that said, there is no point of having a guest book if it is only going to sit on a dusty shelf. Rather than a traditional guest book, consider letting your guests create some hangable artwork for your home.

Recycle Your Wedding

Guests at Adi & Omer’s wedding used thumb stamps for their guestbook signatures


Recycle Your Wedding

Each guest signs a leaf to be assembled together to form one big tree


Recycle your TABLE CENTERPIECES– Flowers are gorgeous but they also have a short lifespan. A great way to get the most use out of the centerpieces is donating them to be displayed in hospitals or senior homes.

Recycle Your Wedding

Donate me! Photo:greylikesweddings


Recycle your BRIDAL BOUQUET- Saving your bridal bouquet is a way to remind yourself of all the emotions you felt right before you walked down the aisle with your new bouquet. Use the following steps to dry your bouquet and put it on display in your home either on a wall or in a pretty vase.

  1. Remove any loose leaves or stems
  2. Hand your bouquet upside down in a dark, dry room where it will not be disturbed. IT can be hung by tieing the stems to a string and securly hanging it from a door or hook
  3. Leave the bouquet to dry out for 4-5 days. The longer the better
  4. Spray the dried flowers with floral spray found in hobby or craft stores.
  5. Display your bouquet!
Recycle Your Wedding

Photo: Coordinately Yours

Recycle your FOOD– A good wedding caterer always comes prepared with extra food, which means by the end of the night there is a ton of perfectly delicious food disposed into the garbage. Rather than wasting this food, have Leket Israel come to collect the leftovers after the wedding for distirbution to those in need.

Recycle your ANYTHING- You can pretty much recycle anything non-perishable at your wedding but giving it away to a friend, charity, or a bride-to-be in need. Organizations like Hachnasat Kallah  and Adopt-a-Wedding accept wedding donations like wedding dresses and chuppot for brides in need. Friends may also want to borrow your necklace or veil and write it off as their “something borrowed.