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Unique Ideas for a Bachelorette Bash

OMG, your best friend is getting married! Somewhere between the slight panic attack and the big excitement you realize you are responsible to organize the party of a life time! So where do you start from? Before you even start thinking about the theme and the nature of the party, you have to think what the bride’s character is and what type of party would suit her best.

Now that we’ve covered the very best locations for throwing the perfect bachelorette party, we have selected the coolest most unique activities, ideas and concepts for an unforgettable bachelorette party for any type of bride – From a chilled bride who is looking for a peaceful and relaxed event, to the foodie or the party animal who wants to party all night long.


Unique Ideas for a Bachelorette Bash

There’s no doubt that the common denominator for all kinds of parties and gatherings is the food. For some, food is just another element at the event, however for the real food lovers, food can sometimes be the star of the party. We have selected a few great ideas of how you can incorporate food and make it the theme of the party for your foodie bride.


Dine at the home of a private chef with Eatwith:  what originally started as a cool concept of shared fine dining where strangers book a private gourmet dinner at the chef’s private home, is now becoming a growing trend among private dining events, including bachelorette parties. The concept is simple, unique and authentic and promises a memorable eating experience: dining with a local chef either at the comfort of his private home which can be an urban loft or an awesome rooftop or maybe even a pop-up market dinner.

The Pros: a cultural experience and an intimate gourmet dinner party at the coolest houses hosted by top chefs who will make it an unforgettable night of great food, conversation and alcohol.

Number of participants: private events start from a minimum of 8 girls

Prices:  the prices range from 100 NIS-250 NIS per person.

Special discount for My Day Readers: You won’t have to pay for the bride’s dinner as it’s complimentary on the house. If you wish to book, please book through ‘private events’ and mention that you are a My Day reader.

Unique Ideas for a Bachelorette Bash

Unique Ideas for a Bachelorette Bash


Ella food: If you are looking for a real hands-on experience where you cook your own dinner and on the way you learn a few techniques and tips, you can book a cooking workshop. Ella, a chef and a foodie in her soul, will help you plan a custom-made dining party with all the bride’s favorites at your choice of location. Such cooking workshops create a fun atmosphere where you have to work together with the chef to put up a delicious meal that you helped create.

The Pros: a custom made meal according to your preferences (Mediterranean, Italian, Sushi, a memorable dish from your childhood etc.). Hands-on activity that can fill up a few hours.

Number of participants: unlimited

Prices: 1,600 NIS for 6 girls. 100 NIS for each extra participant.

Special discount for My Day Readers: 5% discount (Valid until September 1st 2015).

Unique Ideas for a Bachelorette Bash

Sushi workshop with Ella

Pastoral cooking with Bon Miri: At an organic farm in the pastoral Moshav of Rishpon you can find cooking studio of Miri. Miri grows all of her vegetables and believes in a healthy, colorful, easy and tasty diet. The workshop is three hours long where you prepare and eat 12 different dishes and wine is served throughout the event. You can continue your party afterwards as there is another space with a projector and seating.

The Pros: a variety of organic food and healthy workshops.

Number of participants: up to 16 participants

Prices: 300 NIS PP. Renting the other room for extra activities is 250 NIS Per Hour 

Unique Ideas for a Bachelorette Bash Unique Ideas for a Bachelorette Bash

Photo:Sivan Askayo// Healthy Cooking with Bon Miri

I Love Cupcakes: Cupcakes are probably the most photogenic food in the world, and nothing screams “bachelorette party” more than them. Cupcakes are feminine, colorful, fun, sweet and super tasty. ilovecupcakes is Israel’s first cupcake bakery and it’s located in the heart of Tel Aviv. The bakery is Kosher Halavi and it specializes in all kinds of baked goodies. Danielle, the owner, who made Aliya in 2008, opened the bakery after she realized there was a ‘minor’ obsession with the cupcakes trend in Israel. At ilovecupcakes they offer cupcake workshops perfect for those brides with a sweet tooth where you spend 3 hours of learning how to make them from beginning to end where at the end you leave with great recipes in one hand and 12 cupcakes in the other.

The Pros: a fun opportunity to enjoy learning how to make cupcakes and creating a whole cupcake theme party for your sweet bride.

Number of participants: Maximum of 14 girls

Prices: The intensive 3 hour workshop is suitable for up to six girls and costs 300 NIS PP.*There is a possibility to have shorter workshops that can accommodate larger groups.

Special discount for My Day Readers: 5% discount.

Unique Ideas for a Bachelorette Bash Unique Ideas for a Bachelorette Bash

Sweet Cupcakes at I Love Cupcakes

 Wine tasting at Flam Winery:  Located at the heart of the Judean Hills surrounding Jerusalem, The Flam winery is a family run winery that is managed with a great passion and a European manner. The winery offers a one and a half visit at the vineyard including a guided tour, tastings of four different wines, a beautiful cheese platter and an overall gastronomic experience.

The Pros: A true local experience that feels like a trip to the Provence with endless beautiful vineyards and fine wine, delicious cheeses and spectacular views. You can choose to add the visit as an extra activity if you choose to throw the bachelorette party at the close by Odem Haela lodges as mentioned in our previous post of The Best Bacehlorette party locations.

Number of participants: Minimum of 10 participants. Maximum of 35 girls.

Prices: visit the winery and wine tasting – 90 NIS PP. visit the winery, wine tasting including fine cheese plate and fresh bread – 130 NIS PP.

Opening hours: opened during the week//Friday – opened by appointment//Closed on Saturday.

Special discount for My Day Readers:  *10% discount// A complimentary Rose bottle served on the outside terrace (in addition to the *10% discount but valid only for the all-inclusive visit of 130 NIS)

Unique Ideas for a Bachelorette Bash

Wine, cheese and great views at Flam Winery

Unique Ideas for a Bachelorette Bash

Flam Winery


Unique Ideas for a Bachelorette Bash

One of the many perks of being a bridesmaid is that you have an excuse to get pampered and beautiful before your girlfriend’s big day. Whether spending a relaxing day at the spa or getting your makeup done by professionals, getting a beauty treatment is not only good for your soul and looks, but also a perfect way to bond before the wedding day.


MAC Cosmetics: Just as our bride used to throw in her childhood fun slumber parties where the main program included make-up and hairstyles, there is reason why she won’t relive those moments at her bachelorette party. The well-known professional makeup and cosmetics brand offers a perfect beauty activity for a bachelorette party: Mac Technique, is a makeup workshop, where a professional makeup artists will teach you how to improve your make up skills, and how to enhance your natural beauty by great tips and simple guidelines. The workshops can be focused on many different issues of your choice such as: basic makeup techniques, woman and femininity, Hollywood glam, trends from the latest runways etc.

Number of participants: 8-15 girls in the format of makeup tutorial and practice led by a professional MAC makeup artists.

Prices: 200 NIS PP. In order to book a Mac Technique workshop, you may call any of the Mac Stores in Israel.

Unique Ideas for a Bachelorette Bash

Make Up Workshop with MAC

Spazio Spa: The spacious-Provence style Spa located in the Sharon area in Even Yehuda offers a luxury day experience where you can be treated with massages, pampered with a relaxing manicure or just suntan at the outdoor pool. All the spa packages are custom made according to your requests and budgets. The spa offers a full beauty treatment day from a hairdresser to facial treatments with all the small details that will make you feel like a princess for one day.

The Pros: You can assemble a personalized package including all kinds of treatments, or just spending a fun day at the compound using the facilities.

Number of participants: unlimited

Prices: prices start from 100 NIS and are dependent on the type of spa package you choose.

Opening hours: Every day of the week from 10:00-22:00. On Saturdays only the Spa is active without the cosmetic treatments. 

Special discount for My Day Readers: A 15 min extra for the bride’s massage treatment//For groups of minimum 8 girls, the bride will receive an express manicure or pedicure – Valid upon booking a massage or a facial treatment.

Unique Ideas for a Bachelorette Bash Unique Ideas for a Bachelorette Bash

Relax at Spazio Spa

Style Guru Styling workshop: The Stylists at Style Guru offer a unique, empowering and funny workshop especially for bachelorette parties. The bride is the star of the night while her friends get great tips and practical solutions for dressing up. In addition, issues such as raising your self-esteem, how to portray the right message etc. are also included. At the end of the workshop the bride leaves with a very hot gift.

The Pros: If your bride is a born fashionista, this workshop is just for her and she leaves with awesome prizes.

Number of participants: unlimited

Prices: Between 1,500-1,800 NIS per workshop – depending on the time and day.

Special discount for My Day Readers: a short and personal guidance for each participant and a personal styling guide in accordance to her body shape.

Unique Ideas for a Bachelorette Bash

Style Guru


Unique Ideas for a Bachelorette Bash

If your friend is obsessed with DIY projects and loves arts and craftsmanship, she would probably enjoy some fun and professional DIY projects at her bachelorette shower.


DIY Workshops at Craft & Bloom: The Craft & Bloom gallery, located on the sea line between Tel Aviv and Jaffa, is the perfect place for the DIY bride. The beautiful 450 meter space screams aesthetics, enjoys fine furnishing and has a magical garden. You can choose to rent the space and throw a fairy-like diner party in the botanical garden or participate in a pre-booked workshop of your choice; from Succulent flower crown making, DIY photo booth workshop and more. You can also choose to make designed giveaways for the wedding guests or centerpieces together with the gallery’s artists.

The Pros: A DIY experience taught by professionals in a beautiful space. A personalized way to create and craft before the big day and show off your work on your wedding day.

Number of participants: Up to 30 girls

Prices: Starting from 2,500 NIS in total for a custom made workshop for 10 girls and more including crafting materials, light snacks and a bouquet for the bride// There is an option to rent the space without booking a workshop starting at 1,800 NIS.

Special discount for My Day Readers: A special gift for the bride

Unique Ideas for a Bachelorette Bash

Unique Ideas for a Bachelorette Bash

A DIY dream come true at Craft & Bloom


Unique Ideas for a Bachelorette Bash

Chilled– easy-going boho brides who love nature, peace and relaxation could easily relate to a variety of activities – from an essential oil making workshop, water treatments through a hammock party!


Lavido: Lavido’s factory and visitors’ center, located in the charming historical Zichron Yaakov, offers various beauty products, beauty treatments and an opportunity to learn about therapeutic herbs, natural cosmetics and healthy lifestyle in general. You can enjoy a two hour activity which includes learning about the natural cosmetics, experiencing the products, a perfume making workshop, a special tour in the botanical garden and many more options that can be booked upon request. The two main centers are located in Zichron Yaakov or in Nahalal, and both visits can be combined with a greater activity: for example you can decide to hang around Zichron, a picturesque colony with many restaurants and galleries and enjoy the Lavido workshop as part of your fun day.

The Pros: A personalized two hour activity where you get to keep the materials you make and learn (the perfumes, the recipes etc.). In addition you can add ‘third wheel’ activities where they provide you the needed space.

Number of participants: 8-20 girls.  

Prices: 40 NIS PP

Opening hours: Every day of the week including Saturday

Unique Ideas for a Bachelorette Bash Unique Ideas for a Bachelorette Bash


A water experience at Water Dance: Water Dance complex is situated in “Hakfar Hayarok” and offers 2 therapeutic pools which are heated and covered all year around, a sauna, a large wooden Zimmer, seating areas and a giant air-conditioned Teepee tent. The experience includes a motion activity inside the water for thirty minutes. Later the girls leave the pool and enter a fifteen minute Watsu treatment. The facilities around such as the Zimmer and the Teepee tent are there for your convenience to hang around in, eat and drink.

The Pros: A relaxed water experience that can take place both in summer and winter.

Number of participants: Between 5-25 participants and takes place on the weekends as well. 

Prices: 275 NIS PP for 5-9 girls for 3 hours//250 NIS PP for 10-25 girls for 3.5 hours

Unique Ideas for a Bachelorette Bash

Unique Ideas for a Bachelorette Bash

A bonding experience in the water

A water experience at Aqualina: Aqualina’s compound which is situated in Jerusalem offers a heated pool, a Spa, changing rooms and showers, a private balcony and a coffee and tea corner. There are two options for a bachelorette party: one is to rent the place for three hours and enjoy a range of facilities. Another option is to participate in a water workshop where the participants get to know each other. The workshop includes Watsu -related activities and bridal blessings. The guiding principle is that the bride is the center of the party where you celebrat in her honor. At the end of each workshop, the participants enjoy a fifteen minutes Watsu treatment.

The Pros: A relaxed water experience in Jerusalem.

Number of participants: Between 10-20 girls.

Prices: Prices range from 250-270 NIS PP, depends on the group size.

Unique Ideas for a Bachelorette Bash


A hammock party at Anti Gravity Yoga:Having Anti Gravity Yoga at your bachelorette party is like one big hammock party. At the cool “Anatomy” in South of Tel Aviv you can enjoy a unique training which combines yoga, Pilates, exercising and aerial acrobatics. The class is done on hammocks made ​​of fabric that are hanging from the ceiling. While you flip against gravity on the soft hammock there is in fact no load on the body and spine. After the training the muscles are lengthened and strengthened. An Anti Gravity class helps with releasing mental and physical stress and leaves you feeling relaxed. The exercise is an hour long.

The Pros: A unique relaxation experience perfect for those stressful days prior to the wedding.

Number of participants: Maximum 14 girls

Prices: up to 7 girls – 80 NIS PP// 7-14 girls – 7 NIS pp

Special discount for My Day Readers: a trial class at the studio for only 30 NIS instead of 50 NIS.

Unique Ideas for a Bachelorette Bash Unique Ideas for a Bachelorette Bash

A different kind of Yoga at Anti Gravity


Unique Ideas for a Bachelorette Bash

If your friend’s favorite thing to do is bar hopping, or if she likes to let loose and dance until the dawn has broken, then she would love our next set of ideas – from karaoke to a Beyonce style party.


Party on Dan Open Bus: If you’re looking to experience Tel Aviv in a whole different way, DAN City-Tour bus invites you to take a panoramic tour in Tel Aviv – Jaffa and party on an open bus with the Tel Aviv sights and attractions as your background. During the tour, you can get on and off the bus and explore the city’s nightlife for two hours as you wish. You also have multi-lingual guides.

The Pros: Explore the city and party in a whole different way with great city views.

Number of participants: up to 34 people

Prices: 1,300 NIS to rent the bus.

Operating days and hours: Opened Everyday of the week and on Saturday night.

Unique Ideas for a Bachelorette Bash

Party on a bus with Dan

A Karaoke night at Me On the MIC: A true releasing experience through singing! Karaoke, which made a big comeback in recent years is becoming a hit at different special occasions. ME ON THE MIC is situated in the port of Tel Aviv and it offers private and designed karaoke rooms with an advanced multimedia system. The package includes renting the room, food and alcohol. The guests receive an ipad with an app with which they control the entire night’s plan. They can search for their favorite songs from a thousands of options, set a playlist, and call on a waiter and more. It’s also possible to use the room for other bachelorette party activities.

The Pros: A chance to let loose and show sing your heart out. A great

Number of participants: unlimited

Price: 100 NIS PP including: renting the room, drink and snacks// Up to 230 NIS PP which includes a package of unlimited drinks and food.

Special discount for My Day Readers: For orders of the “Golden ring package”  of 10 girls and more you will receive an “ extra fun” package of balloons, props and a Vincent Theo bottle for your choice

Unique Ideas for a Bachelorette Bash Unique Ideas for a Bachelorette Bash

Private rooms at ME ON THE MIC

TLV NIGHTS – Bar hopping: You know those Hollywood movies where a bunch of girlfriends go out on a crazy night out in town and move from one bar to the other in a beautiful car? Well in reality it’s not quite the case, in fact we have to wait in long lines to get in and barely have a place to it inside. That’s when TLV NIGHTS experience comes in and turns these movie scenes to a reality with an unforgettable bar hopping night. The experience includes a pick up with a luxurious car of up to 20 seats, music, decorations and drinks for the road. The driver take you to three or four of the coolest bar and clubs in Tel Aviv including a VIP entrance with no queuing, private seating arrangements and a complimentary round of drinks. The nights includes a private photographer and a host that will give you some cool party games while traveling and visiting the clubs. The activity is up to six hours long.

The Pros: Party in the city with your best group of girls without worrying about drinking and driving or waiting in to get in to the best clubs.

Number of participants: up to 20 girls.

Special discount for My Day Readers: 20% discount

Unique Ideas for a Bachelorette Bash

Bar Hopping with TLV NIGHTS

Sugar Shaker Dance Party: Bunny ears, lace gloves, hot music and a sexy and feminine dance lesson. The Sugar Shaker class combines elements from Jazz dance, cabaret, hip hop and even twerking, in other words, a match made in heaven between the super sexy moves and a real exercise. During the class you learn how to move your body in the sexiest and most scrumptious way just like Beyonce.

The Pros: A chance to feel as sexy as can be and burn lots of calories while doing it.  

Number of participants: up to 20 girls.

Prices: 750 NIS in total for all participants for a one hour class at the studio. If the class takes place elsewhere, it will be 600 NIS per hour.

Special discount for My Day Readers: 15% discount

Unique Ideas for a Bachelorette Bash Unique Ideas for a Bachelorette Bash

Show off your sexy moves with Sugar Shaker


Unique Ideas for a Bachelorette Bash

Is your friend one of those who think they know who the murderer is as soon as the movie starts? Or maybe she just loves the thrill of solving a good mystery. If this is the case, this next activity is perfect for your next bachelorette party theme.


Escape Room: The global trend of the real-world quest game has landed in Israel. The Escape Room, located in the heart of Tel Aviv, is a new entertainment concept based on the classic “Room Escape Game” where you and a party of your close friends are being locked in a mysterious room where you have to search for clues and solve puzzles with one mission in mind – escape the room in less than 60 minutes. This immersive experience, as geeky as may sound, will have you use 150% of your mental capacity and get you to work together as a team. More Quest Rooms are found in Zichron Yaakov, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Eilat.

The Pros: An out-of-the-box experience where you escape the real world for 60 minutes and enter an adventurous and exciting world. It’s a great team work activity and you can combine it with a later night out in town to talk and laugh about your journey. Most importantly, you have a chance to feel like a hero at the end of the day!

Number of participants: 2-5 people in each room. There are 2 identical rooms so you can have two teams of 5 girls.

Prices: An average of 80 NIS PP for a group of 5 girls.

Opening hours: Opened daily including the weekend from 10:00-24:00

Unique Ideas for a Bachelorette Bash

Photo: Andrew Bramasco (the photo is for illustration purpose only)

Water skiing at LAKE TLV: In the middle of a pastoral green park in Tel Aviv – you would never think that an extreme water sports activity takes place – water skiing and wakeboarding. LAKE TLV offers a fun and original sporty activity to spice up your bachelorette party. Besides the main attraction, you ca find a free drinking bar, sushi, a massage area and an option to play a movie as part of the party’s program.

The Pros: an extreme activity in the heart of an urban surrounding for the sporty brides.

Number of participants: minimum of 10 girls

Prices: 250 NIS PP

Unique Ideas for a Bachelorette Bash


Whether your best friend is a nature person, an adventurous girl, a fashionista or a party animal, we are certain you will nail it when it comes to planning her bachelorette shower of a life time. Don’t forget to breathe and enjoy the process!


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