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Eyal Levi


Meet Eyal Levi.

The man dreams, lives and breathes music every day of his life. That is why he masters every style and why he has been working as a DJ for over 20 years at weddings, events, top bars and clubs in the country.

It all started when he was still in his mother’s womb, and heard albums from morning to evening in the family record store – the amazing shop that he owns today, and is a pilgrimage site for all the music fans in the country.

Eyal knows how to play the precise music for each couple, feel the audience and to be flexible. That is why he is able to turn the wedding into an unforgettable celebration, one that plays the right chords in the body and heart.

He specializes in a sensitive and accurate perception of the guests at the event, and the ability to sweep the audience and fill the dance floors up until the late hours.

The comeback of records in recent years allows Eyal to do what he loves best: DJ with original records and turntables at the beginning of the event, and thus create a reception with special sound and atmosphere, with a contemporary retro chic style.

Ask any couple that ever got married with Eyal Levi as the DJ: Apart from music, Eyal loves people. That is why he will make sure that you will have the best, most relaxed, pleasant and carefree time on your event. All is done in a friendly atmosphere, with patience and constant smile. See you in the dance floor, right?

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