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Galia Lahav

Bridal Gowns

Well-known fashion designer Galia Lahav is identified in Israel and around the world with prestige, elegance and modernity. Her bridal dresses are sold in more than sixty boutiques around the world. Lahav is famous for the unique fabrics and manufacturing methods she uses, thus giving the garment her unique signature and differentiating herself  in the world of couture.

Lahav’s collections are spectacular and impressive, presenting a modern style, emphasizing the small details, the quality of the sewing and the luxurious fabrics imported from Europe. Her collections are characterized by unique and invested dresses due to her emphasis on small details and using quality fabrics. Lahav creates dresses for a variety of brides. Some of the dresses belong to collections of “Hut Couture”, emphasizing the high-stitching and rich layers of fabrics, and some belong to the GALA line, offering lighter and trendy dresses.

The brand provides brides with unique luxury dresses, giving the bride a personal, sensory and empowering experience. The desire to create a perfect and personalized garment comes from the wish to create and build a positive discourse around the “body image” among the women of the world and make brides feel beautiful, while realizing their physical and mental potential.

The fashion house faithfully follows global trends giving every dress and garment its unique interpretation, thus preserving the brand’s values ​​while being modern.

39 Hertzel st, Tel-Aviv // 20 Haoragim st, Ashdod
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