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Kleine Mentshelekh


Shalom Aleichem,

We are the Kleine Mentshelekh Klezmer Band (Yiddish for: little people). A group of six young enthusiastic Israeli musicians who play joyful Jewish music in new arrangements. Our repertoire consists of many Nigunim (tunes) intended for the different parts of the wedding, whether it’s during reception, on the dance floor, or through the various stages of the Hupa.

Our music is characterized by Balkan and Gypsy influences, and the melodies, which accompanied many weddings over many years, are very joyous and moving.. The Nigunim can easily inspire dancing, and joyful circles often emerge.

The instruments in our band: Clarinet, Accordion, Sousaphone, Percussions and two Violins. Usually we play unamplified and our instruments allow us to be mobile and move around while playing, doing so from within the crowd, and even play in processions.

You are welcome to visit our Facebook page for many more pictures and videos..

Kleine Mentshelekh – Klezmer, Music, Simcha!

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