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Mint Design

Floral & Design

‘Mint Design’ offers design services for private events which include consulting and accompanying the clients from the first stages of planning up to the exciting day, all under their motto “design for dreamers”.

Mint’s philosophy when it comes to design is that there are no limits to creativity and there is always room for innovation and uniqueness. The company was founded seven years ago with an aim to create a different story for each event they design – something they proudly accomplish.

The team behind “Mint” come from a rich background in design with bachelor degrees in interior design and years of experience in designing sets for Television productions. Combining their talents the team travels every year to international expo’s bringing back the latest design trends from around the world.

צוות העיצוב שלנו מגיע מרקע עשיר בתחום העיצוב. בעלי תואר ראשון בעיצוב פנים והיסטוריה עשירה בתחום העיצוב לטלוויזיה. יחד, הם מביאים מתערוכות העיצוב ברחבי העולם את מגוון הטרנדים החדשים בתחום העיצוב ומשלבים אותן לתחום שכולו לייף סטייל שיק והגשמת חלומות.

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