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Mordehai Avraham

Bridal Gowns

In his lovely studio in the trendy Montefiore neighborhood in Tel Aviv designer Mordehai Avraham creates stunning collections of wedding dresses and evening gowns that are sheer works of art. His greatest loves are lacework, vintage and couture, which he intertwines masterfully in each dress.

In a warm and intimate atmosphere, Mordehai welcomes the brides-to-be and shows them a variety of wedding gowns as well as numerous custom-made designs – it all depends on the bride’s dreams and fantasies.

The dresses are made of real vintage fabrics and cloths that he has been collecting in his worldwide trips. Each dress is a whole world, with stories and history composed of the old dresses he takes apart, corsets, cloths, beads and textiles he puts back to life.

The studio offers a unique meeting between vintage and modern, old and new. Here you will find a friendly atmosphere and a unique personal attitude- a one-of-a-kind experience.

Mordehai Avraham has a rich and vast experience in fashion both in Israel and abroad. He went to Paris for a six-month internship at the acclaimed fashion house Lanvin, and received a work proposal from Carolina Herrera, following the fashion industry’s international praise of his cocktail collection design inspired by CHIC perfume.

Later on he designed Calvin Klein’s brand of undergarments at Delta, and more.

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