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R & S Eventime

Event Planners

“R & S EvenTime” was established to create exciting and memorable events in Israel, for visitors from around the world as well as for the local market.

We have teamed up with the industry’s best suppliers and professionals, to offer our clients a personally curated event to cater to each of their specials  needs

As part of “R & S EvenTime” methodology, our first step in developing a personally tailored event is to get to know our clients, learn about their vision and aspirations and from there on embark on a development processt.

We work closely with our partners and clients to find the proper fit between our vendors and vision.  Along the years we have established an outstanding network of partners all able to provide top notch services in a number of  languages. We know the best people in the Market! When it comes to venues, caterers, designers, Photographyphotographers, videographers, DJ’s, Hair stylists, animation developers and more, etc, we’ve got it all covered!

We take pride in orchestrating the big picture impeccagly while still focusing on all the little details every step of the way. This is all done while closely managing and maximizing our clients’ budget.  . We are as comfortable in Tel Aviv as in Jerusalem, in Eilat or in fact just about anywhere in Israel!

Finally, on the “big day”, we manage everything behind the scene to ensure our clients can focus on the most important thing: Enjoying their Event!

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