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Ronit Farm


Ronit Farm is a unique place that combines the widest range of possibilities and styles for all types of events. An event garden with green spaces and a well maintained garden located in the Sharon. The special atmosphere of the farm is noticeable as soon as you enter through the farm gates, thanks to the beauty, the open spaces and the connection to nature.

Thanks to the size and distribution of the garden, you will be able to schedule an evening or noon event, small and intimate or large, and choose where each part of the event will take place: a canopy on the lakeshore, the amphitheater or one of the lawns. Guests can be seated in the green or in an air conditioned hall. Every unique idea, coming from ​​a client or producer, will be carried out at Ronit Farm in the best possible way thanks to the crew’s experience and ability to adapt to any event.

During the autumn and winter seasons you can enjoy the GREEN HOUSE, a transparent glass structure facing the garden that is available for receptions and canopies. Along with the glass house, the farm provides the winter gallery that includes stages, potted plants, lampshades, a gazebo, and more items contributing to the warm design during the cool seasons of the year.

The ‘in-house kitchen’ is managed by Chef Ron Ben Dori, and offers guests a culinary experience of special flavors. The kitchen uses unique raw materials and combines colors, flavors and odors.

The experienced crew of Ronit Farm will provide you with a high level of service by understanding you, maintaining accuracy and taking care of the small details and thus creating the perfect experience for you.

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