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The Green Beach


Between sky and ocean, on the coast of the Kinneret, in a private and secluded reserve, there is one rare place that makes every event seem like a visit in heaven. Meet Green Beach, a unique banquet hall located on the shore of the Kinneret in an isolated and wild beach reserve on the western bank of the lake.

Imagine an exclusive wedding in paradise, in an exotic place where nature is a romantic and exciting setting, where the Kinnerent is a witness of your marriage covenant, the sky is looking from above and Golan Heights surround you.

Imagine a wedding on the beach, but not just any beach wedding, a wedding in – Green Beach: a banquet hall where even the most standard event is special, where you can feel the energy in the air and the spark of the intersection between power and passion.

Green Beach is located on the shores of Kinneret in a beautiful, secluded and intimate reserve, surrounded by breathtaking mountain scenery.

The place was designed especially for people like you, who dream and want a different kind of beach wedding –one that will be remembered forever as a thrilling and intoxicating experience.

We give each couple personal attention, and therefore our experienced crew will customize an unusual event for you, a wedding on the beach which is none other than your dream of love.

Green Beach is suitable for weddings of 100-550 guests, and provides all the services and solutions that complement the perfect wedding: picturesque canopy under the sky, rich catering with a wide selection of menus, quality alcohol bar, custom design of the location, alternative seating areas near the waterfront, parking lot, suitable access for handicapped and more.

The place is religious with a kosher certificate and business license.

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