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Tzel Hahoresh


“Tzel Hahoresh” event garden, located in Beit Berl, is surrounded by natural wood, citrus trees and magnificent ornamental flowers. Its combination with nature and various modern elements create a unique experience for guests. The garden is well maintained and stylish and offers a large and luxurious pool for you to enjoy. The garden was built on the remains of a large farm that spread over hundreds of acres of citrus trees and orchards. “Tzel Hahoresh” preserves the same unique and rural atmosphere that existed at the time.

We work together with “Kesem HaCaramel” catering by Chefs Haim Sofer and Yaron Perry, who have over 10 years of experience in the event industry, ensuring a variety of innovative and surprising dishes alongside classic and beloved ones. The combination of wonderful flavors, a meticulous serving style and high level of service will create an unforgettable experience for your guests. Of course there is a possibility to choose vegetarian, vegan or dairy menu.

“Tzel Hahoresh” is available for small and intimate events as well as large events for up to 650 guests. Summer weddings are held in the open garden by the pool in a rural and summer atmosphere with the option to hold a pool party. In the winter there is a wooden covered complex with large windows, allowing you to still enjoy the beauty of the garden from inside.

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