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Vladis – Flower and Design

Floral & Design

Vladis – Flower and Design is undoubtedly one of the most talented and known designers in her field. From full wedding design to interweaving stands, bridal bouquets or hairpins, Vladis’s creations always create a wow effect and unforgettable pictures.

Vlada, the brand owner, has always engaged in creation, jewelry, flowering and photography. She inherited her mother’s love for flowers, plants, succulentus and nature, and learned how to respect and love nature and notice the beauty in its simplest and most beautiful processes. Vlada believes that flowers are joy, and in the right combinations, the exact yet natural match, they make every person smile and every place brighter and happier.

“During school I moved to Kibbutz Degania in the Sea of ​​Galilee, while I was surrounded by nature and endless trips, I was inspired and started to create. Without much intention and a lot of support from the people surrounding me, my work became a house nature inspired design – ‘Vladis’, where all my skills and experience are combined in the best possible way. I love connecting different elements, looking for innovations, how to surprise, and how to connect all the small details into a full experience. Every event, every wedding bouquet or print I create is entirely a new adventure of imagination that becomes a reality and is customized to the couple. Everything is done in the most professional and meticulous way starting from my suppliers and up to my amazing crew “

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