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Planning a Wedding in Haifa

We often get caught in the Tel Aviv bubble and focus a lot of Hatunot on the wedding vendors and industry in Tel Aviv and in Jerusalem. Lately a few readers have been asking us to write more about other options outside of Tel Aviv so today’s post is dedicated to that lovely city on a hill, Haifa. While most wedding vendors  (photographers, caterers, etc) will come from all parts of Israel to any wedding location, the following is a list of vendors headquartered in the Haifa/Carmel region.


Pine Club– Nestled away in the trees of the Carmel sites the Pine Club, a rustic spot for events. The Pine Club has onsite catering and gives your guests the feeling of being in the middle of a forest.

Planning a Wedding in Haifa

Pine Club

HaHorsha– Located in Kibbutz Yagor (about 9km southeast of Haifa), HaHorsha is an event space within an intimate garden among the trees of the Carmel. HaHorsha has onsite catering, perfect for any meat lovers.

Planning a Wedding in Haifa


Yam Carmel – For an incredible view of the sea, mountains, and everything in between make sure to check out Yam Carmel

Planning a Wedding in Haifa

Yam Carmel

Cahol- Inside the Dan Hotel in Haifa, Cahol lives up to it’s Hebrew name, “blue” as it overlooks the pristine waters of Hof HaCarmel. A large space, Cahol offers packages that include everything from the venue, food, lighting, decor and beyond.

Planning a Wedding in Haifa



Lena Fay Photography Lena is a wedding and family photojournalist based in Haifa that speaks English, Russian, and Hebrew.

Planning a Wedding in Haifa

Lena Fay Photography

Mark4Wedding– A regular on Hatunot, the Mark4Wedding team travels all over Israel but is actually headquartered 10 minutes outside of Haifa.

Planning a Wedding in Haifa



Har Shelleg Creative Photography– Gilad Har-Shelleg Photography specializes in creating pictures with emotion while maintaining little intervention in the event.

Planning a Wedding in Haifa

Har Shelleg Photography

Wedding Planners

**Most planners will plan a wedding in any location.

 Noa Events – Noa Events is a small boutique event planning company located just south of Haifa (in the Netanya area) that began 13 years ago, and has grown to a company of 3 event planners (all English speakers!) that work with clients to create their custom dream event, and most importantly- within their budget.


Bridal Gown Salons

Flora- Flora gowns are  vintage styled for the romantic bride.

Planning a Wedding in Haifa


Marina Schwartz– Marina Schwartz, a designer for over 20 years, uses materials like chiffon, silks, and laces, to create unique designs for rent or sale. Custom dresses are also available.

Planning a Wedding in Haifa

Marina Schwartz

Tali Berkovich– Tali Berkovich’s gowns are perfect for the bride looking for a classic and simple silloute with a little extra detail.

Planning a Wedding in Haifa

Tali Berkovich


**Most makeup artists will travel to any location for a small transportation fee.

Moran Levin- Located in Kibbutz Meggido (about 20 minutes outside of Haifa), makeup artist Moran Levin works with Brides as well as fashion and television and travels all over Israel for her makeup services.

Planning a Wedding in Haifa

Moran Levin


Rabbi Eliad Sakuri – English speaking Rabbi (Chief Rabbinate approved) 04-8577201 052-2812193  reliad@gmail.com  located in Tirat HaCarmel

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